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Modular Pedalboard

An open source, DIY pedalboard made from 3D printed parts


Build boards of a wide range of widths, depths  and layouts using simple 3D printed parts and easy to find, off-the-shelf aluminium extrusion.

Indifferent Engine Modular Pedalboard
Indifferent Engine Modular Pedalboard

3D printed

Most components can be printed on any home FDM 3D Printer with a print area of 150mm x 150mm x 70mm or bigger using PLA, ABS or PETG filaments.

Larger components, such as the curved braces, require a build volume of 190mm x 70mm x 240mm or larger.


Customise your board with a range of components including raised sections, handles, patch bay and power supply mounts.

We plan to continue developing new and improved attachments as an on-going process.

Indifferent Engine Modular Pedalboard Assembly
Indifferent Engine CAD

Open Source

Remix the design to make your own components and share it with the world.

Licensed under GNU Public License v3.0

Indifferent Engine Modular Pedalboard


All the project files - including 3D printing STLs and Fusion 360 CADs are available via our GitHub page.

Kit pre-order 

We may soon offer pedalboard kits. Sign up to our mailing list to get updates.

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