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Janky Tape Echo Partial Kit

Janky Tape Echo Partial Kit

A partial kit for the Janky Tape Echo project.


Includes all the 3D printed parts and cassette heads needed to build a Janky Tape Echo, with the option to add PCB, reels and acrylic windows. If you want to source your own electronics, this is the kit for you!


Includes cassette heads and adapters.

Does not include electronics, cassette player, hardware and cassette tape These items are listed in the Bill of Materials (included in the free project download) and can be found online from a number of suppliers.




Build instructions are available on our site here. Please make sure you have checked the instructions and are comfortable with what is involved in building a Janky before you buy.

All the digital files you need for the project are are available from the build instructions. Please check out the Bill Of Materials file for a full listing of all the electronic components you need (supplier links are provided for reference, check out the links in the Bill Of Materials file). It also lists out all the hardware and tools you need for making the enclosure and completing your echo.


Thanks for buying from us, it'll help us keep making music and making more weird projects :)


These parts are 3D printed, and hence they will look 3D printed. There will be imperfections. We won't sell anything that we don't think is a useable part, but please don't expect the parts to look perfect :)


MASSIVE DISCLAIMER: We don't offer in-depth support with these parts beyond the materials we provide on our website and the help we offer on our discord channelThis is a DIY project and you must make sure you understand fully what's involved in building one of these devices before you buy. We're a punk band before a business, so we don't have the time available to offer in-depth debugging support to everyone. If you do have trouble with your build, check out our discord chat where you can get feedback and advice from us, as well as from other Janky builders. Please don't e-mail us for support - use discord - that way, everyone else can read the solutions and benefit :)

  • Build Instructions

    Detailed build instructions are available on our site here

  • Downloads

    All project materials can be downloaded for free here.